Deviation from the submission requirements will result in immediate disqualification.

All submission files must be placed in a ZIP folder labeled after your Project Name. For example:  Project No discerning information including Architect and/or Firm Name should be included in the file naming (All concealed information will be included on your online form when submitting an entry).  Use the same Project Name for ALL files submitted.  Note that submissions must not exceed 15mb per entry total.

Submissions must include all documentation as required here.

Each entry requires a separate registration.

Registration is non-refundable.

The primary medium used by the jury to understand and judge each submission will be a series individual digital JPG images that include a selection of the following:
(up to 10 total images):

Up to 6 Project Photos:
Final Construction/Presentation Photos
Renderings (if unbuilt)

Up to 4 Drawings:
Floor Plans - All projects must provide a floor plan that is clear and displays the design intent well.

As Required to explain the project and design intent:

Site Plan - Depicting relationship to adjacent buildings or spaces, including additional context information.

Elevations / Sections / Diagrams - Any drawing that is helpful or important to the understanding of the submission. Key plans showing where the images were taken from although this information can be included on the required floor plan.

Photographs of development, sketches or study models are acceptable if they help convey the design intent, but they must be in addition to the minimum requirements.

The resolution of all images must be 200 dpi, color, 1000x500 resolution minimum and saved as JPG files.  There should not be any marks or any other form of identification.

The files must be named after the Project Name ONLY.
For example: Project Name-01.jpg for photos and Project Name-floor plan.jpg for drawings

A project statement (200 words max) defining the program and how the design approach met the project goals.  This information is extremely important for the Jury to understand the project.

The files must be named after the Project Name ONLY.
For example: Project Name-Statement.doc



All of the specific team info must be provided in the registration form in order for the jury to objectively determine award recipients without bias.

Information Required includes:

  1. Project Name
  2. Project Location
  3. Project Completion
  4. Project Category
  5. Architecture Team (Individuals Who Contributed Significantly)
  6. Owner
  7. Contractor
  8. Consultants (Company Names Only)
    • Structural Consultant
    • Mechanical Consultant
    • Electrical Consultant
    • Plumbing Consultant
    • Site Consultant
    • Other (As Applicable)

The file must be named after the Project Name ONLY.
For example: Project Name-Info.doc


All projects submitted for consideration must include a completed photographer release form.  You will find the form at the very end of this brief.  It must be filled out, signed, scanned, and submitted as part of the registration.

The file must be named after the Project Name ONLY. Each project requires a unique release.

For example: Project Name-Release.pdf

Note: If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of your submission, please contact the Architecture Award Committee via email to