Do I have to be a registered Architect in order to enter a project for a Design Award?

Yes. The primary contact/entrant must be a registered Architect, however, they do not need to be an AIA member in order to submit a project.

May I enter a design and pay separately?

No, payment and submission are done simultaneously through the same form. You must complete the form in full (including payment info, submission document upload, etc.) in order for your submitted project to be eligible for awards.

May I enter multiple Design projects?

Yes, however, each project submitted has an associated cost covered in the entry form. The entry form will add up all of the fees and only charge you once. You must also submit in full all of the required documents for each project submitted. If any project is submitted without one of the required documents, it will be immediately disqualified without refund.

Does my project have to be located within Buffalo? Do I have to work in buffalo?

No.  All projects must comply with one of the following requirements, but not both, in order to be eligible for a Design Award. Either (1) the Architect that submits a project must have their firm within the boundaries of AIA Buffalo/WNY or (2) the project submitted must be located within the boundaries of AIA Buffalo/WNY. As long as the project complies with one of the above, it does not need to comply with the other. (Exception: Local Firm/Local Project Category requires both to be met in order to comply)



May I enter multiple Service nominees?

Yes, however, you must fill out the online form once per nomination. There is no way to submit multiple nominees at once for the Service Awards.

Do I have to be a registered Architect in order to nominate someone for a Service Award?

No. Anyone is eligible to enter a Service Nominee regardless of affiliation with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), one’s professional registration, and/or licensure.

Do I upload a BAF Pro-Bono nomination to the AIA website?

Yes, however, you must fill out the separate BAF PDF form once for each nomination. Upload this form through the AIA online portal.



How do I pay for a project’s registration?

All payments are made on the same online registration form. You may select multiple entries and submit several projects at once or fill out the form once for each project separately. You will be charged separately though each time you fill out the form in its entirety.

Are there refunds?

No. All payments are final. Please make sure that you have filled out your form accurately before pressing ‘Submit & Pay.’ Once the transaction has been made, it is binding.

Will I be notified of my submission being successfully uploaded?

Yes, an automatically generated confirmation e-mail will be provided for each successful submission. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of your submission, please contact the Architecture Award Committee via email to info@aiabuffalowny.org


Any additional questions may be forwarded to info@aiabuffalowny.org - Subject: Architecture Awards 2017