Do I have to be a registered Architect to enter a project for a Design Award?

Yes. The primary contact/entrant must be a registered Architect; however, they do not need to be an AIA member to submit a project.


May I enter a design and pay separately?

No, payment and submission are done simultaneously through the same form. You must complete the form in full (including payment info, submission document upload, etc.) for your submitted project to be eligible for awards.


May I enter multiple Design projects?

Yes, however, each project submitted has an associated cost covered in the entry form. The entry form will add up each associated project cost and charge one lump sum fee. Additionally, completion of all required documentation for each project submitted is necessary, including a unique Photographer Release form per project. Submitting a project without all required documentation will result in automatic disqualification without refund.



May I enter multiple Service nominees?

Yes, however, a completed form for each nominee is required. Multiple nominees, both Service and Pro-Bono Awards, cannot be submitted as part of one form.


Do I have to be a registered Architect to nominate someone for a Service Award?

No. Anyone is eligible to enter a Service Nominee regardless of affiliation with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), one’s professional registration, and/or licensure.


Do I upload a BAF Pro-Bono nomination to the AIA website?

No, upload each BAF nomination form directly to the Buffalo Architecture Foundation. Please refer to the BAF Pro-Bono Nomination package.



How do I pay for a project registration?

All payments are made using the same online registration form at the time of registration. You may submit multiple entries on a single form by selecting the number of entries and make a single payment at the completion, or fill out separate forms for each submitted project and individual fees will be required with each submitted form.


Are there refunds?

No. All payments are final. Please confirm the submission form has been filled out accurately and completely prior to pressing ‘Submit & Pay.’ Once the transaction has been made, it is binding.


Will I be notified if my submission has been successfully uploaded?

Yes, an automatically generated confirmation e-mail will be provided for each successful submission. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of your submission, please contact the Architecture Award Committee via email to info@AIABuffaloWNY.org


Any additional questions may be forwarded to info@aiabuffalowny.org - Subject: Architecture Awards 2019